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February 23, 2019     The Ely Echo
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February 23, 2019

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Section 2 ECHO/Page 4 ELY SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 23, 2019 Native news by Charles D Novak Amazon made the news again when its disposal. They began with a plastic bag chance. Something has to be done to flU up to be already working at peak performance. earnings were announced. Although they containing "digestive biscuits" which they those empty houses in Ely. The voice then said "we will need your were down 3.8% the stock was still priced at crushed with a metal spoon. Six squares Don't forget to check out those fantastic bank account number to get paid for this $1653 a share. Amazon is the most valuable of butter were added to the bag of crumbs snow sculptures in Whiteside Park before the service." public company in the world, which they squeezed into a thick paste and sun melts them away. They have attracted Warning signals immediately flew It was founded by Jeff Bezos on July 6, shaped into a crust on a metal dinner plate, quite a crowd in spite of the huge snowbanks through my head. When I started protesting 1994. It did not have a good beginning. It They heated chunks of chocolate on the and chilling temperatures, the voice said I had to open a "pay plan" for started off being a book store. It struggled heater in their cell which they spread on top Politicians are the only people in the him in my checking account. to make itself known, of the crust. They rang the bell to summon world who create problems and then cam- I told him I was going to sign off and I watched the Company for a couple of the guard and asked him for a plastic knife, paign against them. check a few things before we continued with years and decided it wouldn't go anywhere. They had saved an apple from a previous * * * * * * * this conversation. He warned me not to turn How wrong could I be? If I had bought just meal which they cut into thin pieces and My column on January 19 was about off my computer but I signed off anyway. I one hundred shares at the time I could have arranged like a fan on the pie's surface. For seams, immediately called the fraud department at paid the tuition for every student at Vermil- them, this dessert was a feast! Watch for my Well folks guess what? On Saturday Wells Fargo and reported what was happen- ion Junior College. Today 100 million people review of this incredible true story. February 9 while I was checking one of my ing. They immediately closed my accounts. subscribe to Amazon Prime. They are the Three news stories caught my attention in accounts on the Internet this loud beeping By Monday they had new accounts in- largest Internet Company in the world and the past couple of weeks. Fewer than half of sound came out of my computer. My screen stalled for me. the second largest employer in the United the licensed teachers in Minnesota work in froze and a voice said "do not turn offyour In a final desperate attempt "the voice" States. Amazon went public in 1997. By 2017 the public school system. A high percentage computer. This is Microsoft and we believe a called and said I still owed him $500. I po- they had 566,000 employees, of young teachers are leaving the classroom number of your functions are not giving you litely told him to get lost and hung up. You can't beat their Internet Shopping within the first couple of years. 70,000 have maximum results. We are going to take over The lady I spoke to in the Wells Fraud prices plus free delivery. I can place an left the profession, your computer and correct this problem." Department could not have been more order on Monday and by Wednesday UPS Half of the adults in America have heart The cursor disappeared from my screen helpful and assured me everything had been is at my door with the merchandize. Such disease. High blood pressure accounts for and the voice continued telling me and taken care of. a deal! No wonder Jeff Bezos is the richest 50% of the problem. Normal pressure is now showing me different screens with all kinds What's also strange about this is I hardly man in the world. 130/80. Strokes come in second. If people of different configurations which I couldn't spend any time on my computer unless I Coming up in the weeks ahead I am go- aimed for a healthier lifestyle these figure understand, am writing my articles for the Ely Echo or ing to review the most amazing story I've would go down. After about ten minutes of these flashing making a purchase on Amazon. read in a long time. It's about three young A very positive outlook for Twin Metals images the voice came back on and said "we I don't aimlessly search the Net, go on Americans who unknowingly crossed into to start mining in Minnesota is now being have found a number of weak points in your chat lines or receive and send endless num- Iran, were caught by border patrol and ac- based on 21st Century technology. Mining system that need to be brought to maximum bers of emails. I'd rather read my books. I cused of espionage. Besides all the torture has been going on in Minnesota for 130 working strength. The fee will be $500." wanted to share this experience with you to and indignities they suffered, they did create years. Many new changes have made it safer Naturally Microsoft has a great reputation let you know bad things can and do happen moments of levity to hold on to their sanity, both for the workers and the environment, and they must know what's best for their cus- on computers and to be constantly vigilant. They made up a recipe for "prison pie" Born and raised in this beautiful part of tomers I still thought it strange that I had to If it doesn't look and sound right, it probably using only the ingredients they had at their the State, I think we should give it another pay a $500 fee to fix something that seemed isn't. by Dorothy Rosby Every generation since Adam and in their minds that goes without say- Eve has criticized the next one for ing. It's the cool one. their music, fashion, work ethic and To call Mrs. Dash and throw pil- inexperience, forgetting that all those lows "tragically uncool" seems a little same criticisms were once leveled overdramatic to me. And the authors against them. Also forgetting they are also prone to sweeping general- raised the next generation, izations. As I read their "list of things And every generation since Cain that baby boomers think are cool, but and Abel has criticized the last one they SO aren't," I realized I, an actual for being out of touch, as though they baby boomer, don't find most of them alone are "cool" and will be the first cool at all--or tragically uncool for and only generation to remain that that matter. way forever. I'm a live-and-let-live kind of And so it goes, generation after person myself, which I think is one generation, young people forgetting of my cooler qualities. And while I they stand on the shoulders of the don't own them myself, if someone geezers who came before them and wants to wear an air-brushed t-shirt, older people forgetting the whipper- denim shorts and Crocs, I'm blissful- snappers will someday be running ly neutral about it, as I am about golf, things, possibly better than they did, scripted wall art, and Yahoo. but certainly no worse. I don't even own a tragically That's why I wasn't surprised to uncool landline anymore, though I see the following article in my inter- wish I did every time I misplace my net news feed recently: 25 Tragically eellphone. Uncool Things Baby Boomers Won't I don't play racquetball either, but I Let Die. think anyone who puts their smart- I was surprised though when I phone down long enough to exercise found there were actually 65 items on is pretty cool. the list, which suggests that proof- And not onlydo I not "jump for reading might be one of the things the joy" when I see a Reader's Digest, as authors find tragically uncool, the authors claim baby boomers do, I They don't mention their names, don't even subscribe to it. But if you maybe fearing their grandmothers do, moro power to you. At least you're will stop sending them birthday mon- reading something besides social ey. Nor did they say what generation media posts. they belong to--X, Y or Z. I'm sure I have been known to iron, but not by Russ of Babe's Bait & Tackle Walleye fishing in the anywhere from five to seven because I think it's cool. I only do it area has pretty much fallen pounds from Tofte and High when my clothes look like I slept in by the wayside. The lack Lakes. Rainbow trout have them, which is not cool at all. of decent size fish and low been the best performers Off all 65 items on the list of numbers have caused anglers with many in the twelve to 25 Tragically Uncool Things Baby to hang up their rods earlier twenty-one inches in length. Boomers Won't Let Die, there were this season just shy of the Small jigs tipped with wax only a few I'd call cool. My husband closing of walleye and pike worms, small salted rain- and I celebrated our 30th anniversary at the end of February. Some nows or actively jigging with a cruise this past summer, and I pike are still being caught, small spoons have produced say don't knock it till you've tried it. but these too have been on the best results. the small side. Crappie fishing is be- Anyone who doesn't think meatloaf is Trout fishing, have been ginning to pick up as ice cool never ate my mom's. And I enjoy the go-to fishery for a good conditions have improved an episode of NCIS now and then; it number of people this year. considerably.Although there gives me something to watch while I Whether it be lake trout is a heavier amount of snow iron. on the larger lakes such as on the lakes, there is still the Somewhere between tragically Burntside and Snowbank, ability to drive four-wheeled uncooljuice from concentrate and or rainbow and splake on vehicles around. Best way paying bills the old fashioned way, Torte, and High and Dry, to travel these days is by the authors managed to blame baby the success rate remains snowmobile as it opens up boomers for the Social Security pre- fairly consistent. Some larg- opportunities to venture into dicament, though we don't find that er splake have hit the ice the under utilized lakes. any cooler than they do. I'd advise them to start saving for retirement, because whether they be- lieve it nor not, they'll be older some- day. But the cool part about getting older is you no longer worry so much about being cool. That's a good thing because there's anentire generation coming up behind you, ready to tell just how uncool you are--exactly like you once did to someone else. (Dorothy Rosby is the author of several humor books, including I Used to Think I Was Not That Bad Toby Latham of and Then I Got to Know Me Better. from Burntsido i !iiii !iii iiiiii ii Ely landed this beautiful lake trout Lake while fishing with Steve Foss. Conservation Officer Weekly Report for Feb. 1 District 5 - Eveleth area up. He's asking riders to please be vigilant of past week. CO Darrin Kittelson (International Falls other snowmobilers and hazards on the trail CO Don Bozovsky (Hibbing) mainly District 6 - Two Harbors area #1) reports fishing on Rainy Lake has slowed as well as obey the speed limits, worked trout anglers, snowmobiles and ATV CO John Velsvaag (Ely) checked snow- as little success was observed, however CO Troy Fondie (Orr) reports an increase riders. A deer hunting case was investigated mobilers and trout anglers this past week. with recent snowfall snowmobile activity in snowmobile activities with nice weather and confiscated furs were processed. He He also took several calls from people with has increased in the area. The International and the holiday weekend. There were mul- was one of the first officers on the scene complaints about the new pike regulations. Falls Voyageurs Snowmobile Clubs Annual tiple snowmobile accidents in the area and of a house fire and responded to an injury CO Anthony Bermel (Babbitt) worked Charity Radar Run Event was held on Rainy Fondle assisted at a fatal snowmobile acci- snowmobile crash where the driver struck a primarily snowmobile enforcement. He also Lake this past weekend, dent. Numerous snowmobile violations were tree on the wrong side of the trail. A number checked a few anglers, attended training, and CO Shane Zavodnik (International Falls encountered while working trail enforce- of snowmobile crashes occurred over the conducted equipment maintenance. A very #2) worked mainly snowmobile enforcement ment. One snowmobile was paced driving weekend in the region and tree strikes were high number of snowmobiles were out enjoy- over the week. With accumulating snow over in excess of 70 mph down the shoulder of a a common factor. Please slow down! En- ing the excellent conditions and weather over the past week, ice conditions have started blacktop road and subsequently cited for the forcement action was taken on snowmobile President's Da); weekend. A few comments to deteriorate, bringing slush throughout offense. The failure to display registration and ATV violations, were heard such as, "It seems like every surrounding lakes. Groomers have been continues to be a yearly problem addressed " CO Matt Frericks (Virginia) spent a busy snowmobile in Minnesota is out" Numerous running frequently, keeping the trails in through tickets. In your pocket or in the President's Day weekend patrolling area speed citations were issued, with several in perfect condition for the riders. Zavodnik trunk of the snowmobile is not displayed, snowmobile trailsl Moderate temperatures the 80s. Several expired registrations were and CO Vollbrecht ran into an interesting CO Duke Broughten (Cook) spent the and good trail conditions brought out high also addressed with citations. case where the two of them stopped to help week monitoring angling and snowmobiling numbers of sleds to the trails. Frericks re- CO David. Schottenbauer (Silver Bay) a trail rider who had a blown snowmobile activity. Anglers reported poor success this sponded to two snowmobile accidents with worked angling activity this past week. belt. After assisting the snowmobiler, the week on Lake Vermilion. Snowmobiling injuries. In both instances, the snowmobiler Fishing in the area is poor at best with deep two of them decided to run an area for speed activity remained high throughout the week. was on their first ride of the season and were snow and slush in the area. Schottenbauer on the trail and observed an individual going Speed and crashes continued this past week unfamiliar with the snowmobile they were also spent the week and weekend enforcing 87 miles per hour in a 50-mph zone. While with a report of one fatal snowmobile crash operating. Both riders survived their acci- snowmobile rules. Many snowmobilers were stopping the snowmobiler, it was quite clear from the St. Louis County Sheriff's Office. dent but their sled was totaled. Enforcement encountered stuck as they tried to leave who the operator was once he started to slow Snowmobilers are reminded to slow down action was taken on the owner/operator of groomed trails. Most came away from their down - it was the same person they helped and stay to the right when operating on trails, a snowmobile for not displaying his reg- troubles with only hurt pride. earlier. As he came to a stop and looked at CO Marc Hopkins (Tower) reports once istration numbers. When the operator was CO Thomas Wahlstrom (Tofte) spent the both officers, he put his head on his handle again this past week there were a number stopped and asked why he did not have them week checking angling and snowmobile ac- bars in embarrassment, and quickly admitted of snowmobile crashes resulting in injuries, displayed, he replied that he just didn't want tivity. Fishing remains slow while the trails to speeding. Enforcement action was taken, serious injuries, and a fatality. Speed and/ to and that he hasn't had any registration are very busy with sleds. Enforcement action and it was also noticed that the rider had or alcohol are the common denominator numbers displayed on any sled he has had was taken for snowmobile violations. nearly run into a tree shortly after being of the crashes. With the increasing number for the last 15 years. CO Don Murray (Two Harbors) worked cited. Zavodnik also was informed that of snowmobilers this year, everyone needs CO Mark Fredin (Aurora) saw lots of angling and snowmobile enforcement this there were cases of speeding and injuries on to practice safe driving. Slow down, don't snowmobile activity throughout the week past week. Trails remain in good condition the trails over the weekend. With the game drink and drive, and only operate at night and noticed the trails have become very and anglers are enjoying some rare ice fish- fish season coming to a close, snowmobile at speeds that don't overrun your headlights, bumpy. Fredin searched for a moose that was ing opportunities on Lake Superior. activity and enforcement will start to ramp Hopkins focused on speed enforcement this hit by a train in the Skibo area.