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July 20, 2019     The Ely Echo
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July 20, 2019

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l t’itmrii: ‘ l fl lilw Iiilll'lllhlllli ‘3 ltg‘ml filjlklllll‘ll, tituiiiirpttthle rrsl; ":2 Wu}, i’ixtliicml l‘iy V pronoun;cment.ohd r morally lllllalL‘ worse by all»; tint thcy are putting: the .» linsin i'ipltt itcst to tho ’wilztcrizcss.” said Rom. 'I he company says lhc 57013113,?» iron; thc l‘x’ltituri licptmi will ha; non-no iti-«g.{ciici2ttinn, 'l‘tc coiniiton concern {illili‘l sull'rdcs points to 1,1 l‘u;‘~l‘.‘ :iiiscoiiceptioii ul‘mut our ptoieit,“ (Ir-,lNiI'ilc‘ soul. "l hc tieolopy olxtltc Mm llil l ill’i'pi’sll itl'ti‘n tdcs to; with t tiflliilkfllkil‘ that we con iniiic how so rely Iilttl stistutn» uhly l hi: rock snudwtcl’tinp loyci‘ 1:1 wppcr, nickel I‘lly Vil'ir'iter Ii‘estival unveils pin s’f'mzlrrtm'r/ from Page“ 1; g4 L’Iliitll ailirtstinclgttr clywinterlcsttv I‘ili‘oitt litL‘ l 1y ‘v‘x'iiztci‘ I‘CHIIHII rRi'lVyzill: (irc lundcd it} grunts lrom tltc .‘\ll‘ét'«‘v’ltt‘lttl licptonztl Arts {Llltllll'lhllllf1)?)Ilillll(l,(llilill' oer litttiiztnttics 'I rust. the My f‘haanilu-r oi ( oiuiiicrcc and organism" trons and Ilitllk'lillliil'm locztl ziicrchuiits, Nest: stops in school project ifLliii‘llniti'tllfl‘flln lilacs all tillitil léogtid, to \ ."aploie xixciiuc» loz' p ic‘k’ ‘iilitllllgf oi purl oi ii; ‘ctioxgilitrtl t'tt’ota‘rl 'l'l_ t i ,u,‘ itzri’wiilti; w _i .v lttL. ZI‘: 003M ‘i’ttll‘il ittt w normal lured tr r\‘lklll\l(l‘r”fl t limit: tilt; llllliLzl l’tllti‘iLi a. plan to link thi- district buildings, School <2? I lifléil‘u liti‘yc intuit: connectinp thc httild~ guys and intruding: onc ser- ultra? why to the cilitipus it high priiiiitjt. and the dis» iiic was awarded ti ticztrly \.,£\Iilll.ll§lll solely grunt, lit; ittItl’ic’lfllllf.‘ ‘ l little éio‘imnc‘l, L‘iitili its: lltjii It) z tritit‘li itiorc :-;txl‘:»t::!iti‘=,’c giliitctfil L‘otiitt’itttcc that trict scyc l limos this ycztr ex» piorcd options ionizing I‘rorn $55? Million to niorc than .313 Ellllilitll, hut did notcomc it) L‘ttltfstillfitlhi Mon: gymnasium spirit; It «'uilciii commons :rrczi gm slitrustrutiiurc im- prowrrioiils and :1 new c2110 W llxt‘ Itihhlllil’ “all ltfl lint’s‘sj ’ltliil‘iitz‘illl inct‘tilicrs. litt’ howcyci; mint to cxplorc El ilitr Ililfi 17(1); could lllllltl '3 ot thy initintiyo (is the ‘j wit/y has done wtth siii‘iilur school protects across tho tel} tori. scl’tcdulcd to uttcnd Mon» day‘s stwsion, and the district, will also lit: ieprcsmted hy lttlil’)}"l$l .ltrl'l Andcrson, who works wtth longtime, Iron Raoul; political iipct“2tlivc (i;in (forks/chili its purl ol' ihc (‘osliii (iroup, Complete Site Preparation, Septic Systems -~ "The Moves Tisovich" Digging, During, lrucking, Demolition Road Building, Rock Drilling & Blasting 101? I liatvry 81. Fly, MN 5573], i ‘1 21?; 365 6620 [(41218 220 0281 VIRGINIA lflt’ll’l/lll‘ilfi Mani/rt I: torn I'm.) 11' tntoiutnsovirirr‘om OFFICE lthllliIiliJilM Jodee Miclieletti g ,,,,,,,, Ww_W ww Wm,, , , Construction Builtririg With integrity ,_ , . , . £4 Yeomol Budding lxpertence _/ P l JUMlGUrOri Gunionieedl l‘limtt {Nil} 36’} 230E} (ell (3’33) T143 1356: For (Fill) 313') S37? Odellngrol ull typesl Trip Quallly Energy Efficient stom‘fiomas 8r 1 listblns. ‘ l o gen-suit Cgflified I ftl’rol donuts; nergy $lar' Partners thorlzgd 'D'ealer-ol mrgy‘?“’n§l Structures. , 5 ea itgrnear'advfiulldings v 3 illUpI’qnolfiystatris gang; " but; lJil‘a’oh and platinum group miner- ’ ,als in the deposit is almost completely free of sulfides; \lv” ct: the targeted itiittct’« ills urc rcinoycil during tlic commutation process und ‘sl‘ttpgia’tl to customcrsi only 2,: mitotic :tiziount oilsullides w ill it‘liilllil iii tlsc railings." sztcnswc tcstinp over the post (1U.Jti(1e‘ shows that T‘s/loin” llcpmtt toiling: will he 13ml-r;lLTlLl~}:‘cltCl’ltll11g. ilo'os tor h'liniiesotuns pointcd to the cmploymci’it :idyuitttiiges oi tllc dry stuck nicthod. “l‘or 'Iwin Metals Minno— sotu. thc dry stock toilings stomyc iiicthod is thc right option to dopist that lor its spcaiilic uiidcrground minc proicct. 'Ihe method will also rcsult in adding about fill more jobs to the payroll mice the mine is operational. “'i'win lVlcluls :‘x/Iinncsota will bring niorc than 700 wcll—puyinp and Iltlllll‘y‘ sus~ minim: pills Elf; Wcll us 1400 spinol'l‘tohs to thc rcgion." loh ol WIIIIIIUSUUIIIK statod. Dry stuck toilings stor~ dry stack tailings; eliminating " age, often promOtEdby en- vironmental groups as an al- ternétiveto conVenfional wet tztilings as 3 way to protch waitcr quality, hos liccii on option undcr considcrntion since 'I'win Mctnls bcgun minc planning in 2010. As tccl’mology has con~ tinucd to zidvunci; and the ;,t.pplic2itioti ol‘ dry stuck in colrh wct climotcs has prov— cn succcssl'ul zit multiplc locations, Twin Mctuls made the dccision to mow to it as the host uvailziblc option. The, Min ncsotti ( Tcntcr for Iztivironmcntul Advocacy hztd haich thc advantages of dry stack tailings in a statement carlier this year. “Dry stack is out: ol‘thc ways wc arc making, a 21st ccritury minc that will be the most technologically od~ variccd minc in Minncsotu‘s history and a model of how coppcr mining can hc donc sztlcly and sustair’mhlyi’ said ()sbornc. The water system for thc minc won’t CI‘CiIIC any wastcwatcr dischoi‘gc sincc it will «be used on site recycled. Overallthe. " er Would use Item'eén 300,0 0 rind 6005000 gallons pcr day l'rotn Birch Luke, compara— hlc to the city o1" lily putting 533,000 gallons pcr day out ol‘ Ilurt’ttstdc I.tll\'C. 'I'win Mctuls oi'liciirls arc emphasizing; scvcrul grcen lcznurcs ol‘lhc minc. It won’t dischurgc any wosic water. for instuucci sincc all thc water tltc opcrution uscs will bc hcld in pools on thc site and recycled. It now cstiu mutcs tho oporution will usc 300,000 to 600000 gullons of wotcr it day, drawn l'rom Birch liokc. By comparison, thc city ol‘ lily uscs 533,000 go I Ions per day. 'I‘ho mint: its dccp zis morc than 4,000 l'cot l)C~ low thc surface, will havc ll crown pillar 01‘ solid rock at lcxtst 400 lcct thick bctwucn the surliicc and tho coiling ol' the mine. In addition solid pillars olunmincd rock will be Icl‘t in plucc for structural support lictwccn thc mined spaces” cullcd stopcs. SATUR AY-JULYQO 20-19 * The app outlinedin 'smM’s Mine Plan of Opcrm t to ho sul‘imittcd to slate and lL‘tltH‘le rcpulzitors in this coming months. chulntory rct’iew, in-« eluding: Itczirings tor pulilic (tournian will covcr :ronr pllttilt‘c with rcgulzttions to protcct wotcr Lind (tir duality, drinkinié wolcr~ notionds, cndangcrcd SPL‘I‘ICm plum lift: and cultural rcsourccs. 'l‘win Metals Minncsotzi is a Minnesota company focused on designingw con» structiug and operating on underground copper, nickcl. platinum, palladium. gold and silvcr mining proicct ('I‘MM I’rojcct) in thc Iron Rungc region ol‘ Nortlteust Mitincsotu. 'I'win Mctztls is owned by Antofagasta plc, onc oi tlic top Icn coppcr produccrs in that world Legion state tourney returns to Ely (Continued "mm Pa . I, and tho lily lyducution I‘oun— dittion :md dedicztlcd $1000 oi its own lurids l‘or thc initiativc. 'Ihc My School Ilistricti which owns the liztllpoi k. contrilmied $3000 Irom its Ionggtcim lzicilitics ii'iziintenoiice loud" whilc thc IX) ( irill Lind (‘hill pur~ chased the pavilion liirniture and l‘rlcsohi lilltillllliilllh/ Ncmunich 'lruckinp paid lot port ol the Icnciug rc“ lililt.‘(flllrflll. I‘icltl mointcnoncc supcr— visor Aaron Donuts is coor— (.linutinp olhcr toucli~ups to ‘thc field. which have includ-» ed scycrul ii‘nprovcmcnts to thc turl’uiid playing; surlocc. l’urther work is schcdulcd in thc days leading up to tho totti‘iigig’itcitl, lift) [21:55:13 on srri’e‘ Whilc 11 state tournomcnt w ill 1111th cosh rcpistcrs ring Stirring 1hr lily rim: 00171136 l/t’llfb‘ .1 ,lliiililiizg your Dream EXCIZI’NONAL QUALITY Al‘ltill DABLIZ lit/Int) l’lilr’ Rd, [fly Chm/r its out on li'riccbook KVALL throughout thc urea, thc local committee must covcr a roughly $30,000 budget that includes lodging for all scvcn visiting teams and tournumcnt ol‘l‘iciuls. 'I‘hcy‘vc lined up several major sponsors, including 'Iwin Metals Minnesota, the DO ('Irill and Chill, Mcszt~ bi Bituminous/Ncmanich 'I‘rucking, Slegcr Mukluksi Zup’s I'ood Market, the Iron Rangc Resources and Ro— habiitation Board, RMSn I’ortunc Buy Resort/Casino and thc North American Bcur (jcntcr. They‘re also offering a pro—tournament special, with tournament passes thIl lulilc for $10 until July 28. Passes are good for all tournament games and in» cludc u choncc :it numcrv- oils prizes includintL 3.1.000 cash, 21 pair of Stcgcr Muk~ luks and a gift card from LittlZOnM lill A GRUBA Construction, LLC (218) 365-3080 [Vol/owing gram building pnu'lia's with (artery (1? [trit’imnmcm in mind CONSTRUCTION ‘lllti 11 Nancy St, lfily. MN 55731 218865—6842 Ccll:343-946l ELY’S ()LIIES'I' BUILDING CONTRACTOR SINCE 1950 New Construction ‘ Homes ' (‘ubins ' Log Buildings - Remodeling SUP Us For All Your Construction Needs MARK M N Isici /l(>fl7‘)t<l< ~ Bonded & Insuer www.kovullconstructi0n.com M.“ )5 ggakeshore'cl’hbin (Owners: You am he (1 part of Eli/i lllltl'lflll Umrmmi/{y/ If your Iakeshore property sits unused for part or all of the summch your investment could be earin income and paying for itself. Ely Lodging offers: - National Marketing and Advertising Expertise Professional Housekeepingland Maintenance Program Complete Reservation and Guest Services 1 DEFENBAUGH LAW OFFICE 712 explore the possibilities, call us at or visit our Website www.clyladging.conr ‘ ,la/m Sawtooth [ll‘lll’t‘l‘ lily [lodging/114', Serving the Ely Area’s legal needs since I 984 26 Years of Family Law Experience Estate Planning a Estate Transactions Rae R. Bentz Attorncy 2,11 ItllVV wwa )el‘en I)auglil,aw.c0m Rm! Properly Law Specialist (Joni/it'd by {he Minnesota Bar Association 107 11. Camp 81. lily. MN 55731 14132183654977 Fax: 218.365.6164 it i Iily’s Wintcrgrccn Norihcrn Wcur. ()rgzmizcrs tll'c morkct— ing the pass to hziscbiill fans, thosc who would Iikc 11 charter: til the prizes and those who simply want to support the tournumcnti “From 2t Ian’s pcrspcc— tivc it’s grcat deal,” said COOIIIbC. “11‘ you wait until the tournztmcnt, you’ll be paying $7 :1 session or $10 21 duy to got in, so thc puss pays for itscl Add the prizes into the mix and you can’t been it.” I’eisscs ztrc on Stilt: at tho lily Iicho, li‘om local host» bull players and at Veterans Memorial Ilicld this wcck— cnd as the ballpark hosts thc Iiightli District legion 'I‘ournamcnt. 'l he district louruumcnt is it dry run ol‘sorts in advuncc ol‘ the state cyan 111011081 1in tcum, which is 16-7 this summer, has on nutonut‘tic hid into thc state tournament and hits the top sccd among I'ilglllll District teams. 1in will play its first stoic tournumcnt panic on Ilriduy, Aug. ill 7 p.in.. against tlic substzilc champion Irom northwcstcrn Minncsotn. ’I‘hc grim»: cups :1 l'ull day of lizischoll that will itlso includc thc tournomcnt opciiingi ceremony, involv» ing all ctght looms as wcll as 2i vcteruns" trihutc. The tournament wraps up with the stutc titlc game, prcscntcd by Twin Mct'dls Minncsotn, at 3 pin on Sunday, Aug. 4. - KLUN LAW FSRM {Dimitri/n i.~ii<;=,:sit {Ififlitilx ESWW? Ehhwhlmfii - General Questions - Wills - Trusts Power of Attorney Kr.va KLUN‘v V ATTORNEY AT LAW: " Complimentary 15 Minute Consultation (21mm 5221 I I not ("Itapmriti 5.1., lily, MN 557% 1 PM Box 240, Fly MN {iii/51 Do YOU need PLANS? YOUR LINE Right oll Hwy. 169 in Winton Master l’ltimltt-i IJt‘t‘llSt’ tt§03t~0»l’l\/I Custom Homes - Garages - Remodels,- CALL US FOR A INSPECTION Visit our website at: brandauplumIiiiigtrom ALLHASE - Health Care Declaration - Cabin Succession Planning Minm’som \jlulr liar Awsm IIIIIHII c {irrelttii u '-;vt:ixlr~i Real Propcity law wvvw,l<lttrtl,tiv "0m Additions ‘ Site Planning plaiisaac‘tttlltncdcsign, us \V\N’\N{1'LI(IIIIIL‘LIUfilIflIIUS ()Illt't‘ zisszmioo (,IL‘II 1183490858 ‘ A M r» it I A 3653985 Call 218-365-6080 ‘ ESTIMATES 7—‘_ 7-”- ._ _ m». sir, Panui CONSTRUCTION From Cabins to Cast es - www.allphaseconst.com Check with the rest, then Sign with the best! I‘tllly insured I II. "III 20172101» Cabin, House 8 Packages Ask us about 5.1.1). panels! STRUCTURAL INSULATED PANELS A green building that will conserve energy. - n"