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July 20, 2019     The Ely Echo
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July 20, 2019

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Section 2 “Eava is not playing with us.” (She was in their picture last time). Gia Majchrzak and Bella Lepisto: Both: "Playing." Bella: “Playing on my swing set. My new swing set.” Gia: “Last time you were here and Eava, she didn’t have the swing set.” Bella: “There is a slide on it and you can swing on the swings and there's a teeter totter and monkey bars and that’s all.” Gia: “There‘s even a little ladder. And we just got back from my Aunties house." Bella: “That’s where we got all these treats." Gia: “Bella, you are eating mine.” (oops) Bella: "The swings are fun." Gia: “Running up the slide is fun and then sliding down it." Bella: “Do you want to see the swing set?” Gia: "Then you can see the swing set..." (Wow... that is a nice swing Gia: “Now can we do another picture when I switch onto here?”... (Teeter totter) “Gia: “Watch me go off the. slide... woooo... weeee.... Hey take a picture of me again... Bella watch outl... And one more thing... watch... " (really good tricks...by them both... wow... ) Bella: "Watch..." (She did a skin the cat trick on the rope ladder...) And as l was leaving set...) their yard there was their neighbor Doug Sheibe) Caleb Synnes and Jake Taves: Caleb: “i just got off work. I work at Subway. came down and got some coffee to meet my friend Jake. We are going to walk up to my house and sit down " and drink some'wate‘r; We’re going to try to go swimming. It’s really hot outside. it’s kind of the same old thing in Ely. You go to work, if you are a local at least, you go to work and then you hang out. There’s not really any in between. it you are not from around here it’s probably like 7 a paradise up here. But if you are from here, you find what you like to do. it gets boring after a while, definitely. Cuz i moved up here when I was and l’m 20 now so that’s 15 years I‘ve been up here." (Do you still play the bass?) “Oh yeah. And guitar too. That’s what i am getting more into. I'm just getting . into music in general not just those. got a little piano l mess with. i like to listen to {songs and play them by ear. flt’s actually a lot easier than it you might think it is to be able 2: to play music. it's really easy. ‘3 Everybody is different when it comes to music. You just a? find what you really want to i; do. That’s really all there is to f, it..." Jake: “i don’t have a lot (i, to say honestly. i just got off :J w0rk afew hours ago. i work up at the Grand Ely Lodge. Cal cook food there." Caleb: 3.3“He’s the best chef there." j;(You know, i think cooking is like a dance: Timing...and rmovement...) Jake: “Yeah it is. it really is. Once you get into it, it really is, throughout the day. Sometimes it's hard to get into it but once you get into it, it's a good feeling, for sure. it took me a long time to find something that kind of made me feel that way. It’s cool to be able to do it every day and make money doing it. it’s kind of an occupationright now. i have been renting an apartment in town. I moved here probably 10-11 years ago. i went to high school here and then I Went to school in Tower too. That's pretty much how my day is going. I don’t have a lot going on." (What is your favorite meal to cook?) “I like cooking breakfast foods the best out of everything. it’s just a fun time. Everything. Breakfast is fun. It’s agood fast pace. Just everything in general. it’s a good time in my opinion." (Why Breakfast?) “it’s not as complex, i think, which is one of the things. You get in the grove and it's a super fast pace. It's a good way to kind of wake up in the morning. l’d much rather do that then the night shift. i guess I am more of a morning r;person.” Caleb: “i hate night shifts. I like getting up and getting what i need done in a day. rl don’t like sitting around and waiting to do things. I just get up. Basically my philosophy on ~ ,3 it is when it is4:00 would you rather be going home from work or just getting ready to start :;work?‘ That's the way i see it. Mornings, i feel like i am way more active in the morning. Ezl’m way more alert. l Gadget up. i feel better. i feel happier. At nighttime I turn into a total g-sloth....l really do. It gets'bad. Tonight i am just going to kick it back and maybe go for a 1:: swim or something and just kind of enjoy the nice day. l have the next days off. So I get to :jnot think of work for a little bit.” Jake: "Me, I'm probably just doing thesame thing as him, A :: hanging out, then going home and go to bed. i have towork in the morning. Then I have a a day off. Just one. i usually start at seven and Work till three and sometimes start at six.” as ECHO/Page 4 The o’clock hour, Tuesday, July 16,? SATURDAY, JULY 20, 2019 Interview photos by Pam Roberts Mickie Jone: “l’m just paying my bill at Mike Motors and picking my car up and going back home to finish my rummage sale at West Chapman. Not sure how long it will keep going. Maybe next week. Nothing much else happening. Just getting ready to move. Going to sell my house and move and go on the road in my van. (OHOH... here comes the same little girls who yelled earlier and again, "Can we get our picture taken?")... Mickie- "You better go take their picture. Have a good day..." Trenton Bishop: “l‘m just coming ome from a bike ride. I was only out for like ten minutes but that’s fine. i just felt like taking a bike ride. Summer has been pretty good. Nothing really special but in September l’m going to go to a Twin’s game for‘my birthday even though my birthday is in July because my step dad can't get days off in the summer because he’s going to camp with us in August and that’s his only days he can get off so he has to wait until September. l haven’t been to a Twins game. Not once. l’ve only been to a Red Socks game and that was when was like 3. Ican’t really remember it.” (Are you a Twins fan?) “I am a Red Socks fan. i like the Twins a little bit because have lived in Minnesota for like 9 years. like them but like the Red Socks more. It’s pretty cool.” (What have you enjoyed about the summer?) “I enjoy going outside. I like to go on my swing set outside. That’s pretty fun always. Everything else i don’t really go on. ljust go on the swing set. I enjoyed playing baseball. i used to play baseball in my back yard but i can’t anymore because we have a camper back there and my mom doesn’t want me to hit it. play a lot of baseball games on my play station. We might go swimming tonight, maybe, there's a slight chance we might.” Doug Scheibe: “l'm just hauling away some old siding so i can put new siding up. One of the joys of remodeling an old house is there is always surprises no matter how many layers there are." (You are having lots of surprises?) “None that i didn’t expect. People back in the day said, “Good Enough, and Getter Done." And now I kind of say the same thing but gotta do it. Getter Done. Good Enough. it's my project and I’m doing it by myself with the help from friends when they can. So I am putting in new windows and siding so it’s going to be nice. Summer is going good. Shop is busy. (Front Porch Coffee and Tea) Got back from spending the weekend down in the cities and watched my grandson play soccer. It was like 105 degrees down there. He played 4'games over the‘weekend. He is 9. Tony. I’m going to end up working quite a bit in July. That’s just the way it is in the summer here. But this is my project for the summer. If am not working at the shop i will be working on this... and I came over hereto trim some of these branches because l’m going to put all that stuff that is up against the gas tank over there, over here because my neighbbr is going to take the doors and the windows. So I will put them over here close to him so he can grab them when he needs them." (Bella and Gia came over to see what’s happening...) Gia asked: “Do you want me so sing a song for you?" (Sure) Gia: “Um, Laaaah Lahh Lah Lahh Laahhhhhh.... and l looove Birds..." (That was beautiful) Gia: “Doug gave us a popsicle." Doug: “Do you want one...?” (sure'... nice bonus on a hot summer day...) Doug: “What color? ‘Looks like an orange one..." Gia: “Can we have another one?’.' Doug: “One is enough for now..." \ Ropey Zebbiiliitschzh.... (Buchnér): “Just ready to go out for a rip. Just getting ready to start my bike then i recognized you and I saw you turn and I said, I am wondering who that is cuz i recognized her and it was YOU.” (‘And i did not know it was you at first, i just thought there is an interesting looking fellow and i went around the block and came back and it was YOU Ropey! HOW ARE YOU!?) Ropey: “Yeah,l'm taking a trip to Neptune right now but I’m flying Pluto on the way." (I might see you around the corner at the Big Dipper...) Ropey: "Stress relief... I have to have some stress relief. l have trouble out in the woods where there never was trouble before so i just want to get away. Road Association trouble. People falsely accusing me, taking my name off of trees that it’s been on for many, many years. Just Over all, they are trying to cripple a cripple. They are abusing an elderly man or abusinga disabled veteran. don’t even know these people. They ride on my work but they say they built the road i built. One of them says he built the whole road three years ago. There you go sweetie. Welcome I to Yuppie...Ville Ely where everything becomes a subdivision. It's no fair. it’s no fair at all... (How are you feeling these days?) "Becky Rom will beat me to the grave, ok? That’s how I feel today. We need that mine because of the alloys. We'll never be able to compost hydrogen and counteract all this pollution without being able to use hydrogen because it yields water. And our drinking water system is ever more and more polluted by atmOSpheric pollution, not a mine that doesn't exist. When they accuse a mine of polluting before it even goes into productiOn.... LWhen they let 100,000. acres to burn to a carbon desert and leach all those harmful chemicals from that fire into our water system, our watersheds?» They are liars. Alright? l was born and raised here. i was told about the past from the ancestors of the past. Old stories passed on to me, as far back as when woon mammoths were still in North America, passed to me through the lndians and my Uncles and other ancestors." (.kwmmm 7. s, .uwmwm .r. mm»: Ira